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Temporary Tags

Acceptable documentation for a temporary tag:

Purchases From Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealers (one of the following  documents is needed)


Bill of Sale or purchase agreement for a new, used or leased motor vehicle from the dealer which has the
dealer's licensed name  pre-printed or handwritten on the document;


Security Agreement (loan documents) or lease agreement (with power-of-attorney) from the lending or leasing institution which has financed  the vehicle; M.S.O.(Manufacturer's Statement of Origin);


A properly Assigned Title. (seller's signature  must be notarized);


An Ohio title that indicates that sales tax has  not been paid. (Permanent plates may not be issued in this situation);

Casual Sales to Ohio residents (seller is not a  licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer)


A properly Assigned Title from any state  (seller's signature must be notarized if required by that state)


Security Agreement (loan documents or lease agreement (with power-of-attorney)) from the lending or leasing institution which has financed the vehicle


U.S. Gov't General Services Administration (GSA) release (Standard Form 97)


An auction bill of sale, providing it reflects the name address, telephone number and  auctioneer's license number.

Fees are subject to change.
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