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Beautiful Ohio License Plates
Order forms available at Northfield License Bureau

The "Beautiful Ohio" plate is not a mandatory replacement for Ohio BMV customers; it is an option for those with current registrations to replace their current plates.

The cost of the plates is $7.50, in addition to other applicable fees that apply. Additional mandatory applicable fees include a $3.50 Deputy Registrar fee, $.25 county sticker fee and $.25 per plate reflectorization fee to cover costs associated with reflective sheeting on the plates. Customers interested in obtaining a new set of plates featuring the "Beautiful Ohio" design or the "Sunburst" design - the state’s designated general issue plate - will pay a total cost of $11.75.

Customize your plates

Specialty plates may be purchased directly at the Northfield License Bureau

If the plate style is not available at our location, they will be mailed to you directly from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles:
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directly from
Northfield License Bureau.

Order forms available at Northfield License Bureau
Plate Availability

The Northfield License Bureau also has a customer terminal which can be used to determine the availability of personalized and reserved plate letter and/or number combinations. Once you have determined that your requested combination is available, it can be ordered immediately from the Northfield License Bureau. Fees vary according to the type of plate ordered.


Special Orders
Additional plate styles can also be ordered directly from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
Forms for other special plates are available at the Northfield License Bureau:
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