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Reinstatement Fees
  Beginning January 3rd, 2012,
The Northfield License Bureau started accepting payment of reinstatement fees.  Previously, reinstatement fee payments were only accepted at the seven Regional Service Centers statewide. Any documentation that may also be required for reinstatement of driving privileges can also be provided at the Deputy Registrar.  These documents will be forwarded to a Reinstatement Office for processing.  There will be a service fee of $10.00 charged by the Deputy Registrar for the collection of reinstatement fees.

While the payment can be accepted at a Deputy Registrar and will be posted immediately, all other reinstatement requirements such as court appearances, clearing suspensions in other states, community service or filing of proof of insurance must also be completed before the BMV can restore full driving privileges.


Deputy Registrars now accepting reinstatement fees
Customers should not expect to be reinstated immediately after
paying reinstatement fees at a Deputy Registrar location.
Additional processing may need to take place before driving privileges are reinstated.

For complete Reinstatement Requirements, please go to the BMV website at:
or call 614-752-7600
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