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Initial Reserve  License Plates
General Information An initial reserve plate may contain:
            • Three letters (ABC).
            • Three letters and one number (1- 9) or one number (1-9) and three letters (ABC 1 or 1 ABC).
            • Two letters (AB).
            • Two letters and one number (1-9) or one number (1-9) and two letters (AB 1 or 1 AB).
            • Two letters and two numbers (1-99) or two numbers (1-99) and two letters (AB 75 or 75 AB).
            • Two letters and four numbers (1-9999) or four numbers
              (1-9999) and two letters (AB 2345 or 2345 AB).
            • One letter and five numbers (1-99999) or five numbers
              (1-99999) and one letter (A 12345 or 12345 A).
            • One letter, one number, one letter.
            • One letter, two numbers, one letter.
            • One letter, three numbers, one letter.
            • One letter, four numbers, one letter.
            • One letter, five numbers, one letter.
            • Numbers 1-999999 and one letter after number
            • Numbers 28801 through 999999.
Registrant Eligibility May be issued to any Ohio motorist.
Title Requirements Ohio Certificate of Title.
Vehicle Information These plates may be issued to passenger vehicles, non-commercial trucks, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, house vehicles and non-commercial trailers.
Type of Plates Reserved
Issuance Information

Requests for system assigned, reserved, or personalized license plates may be made at any Deputy Registrar's office, online at OPlates.com,  or by calling 1-800-589-8247.

Renewal of plates can be done at any Deputy Registrar's office, online at OPlates.com, by phone at 1-866-675-2837 or by mail.

All plates will be mailed directly to the address on your registration card unless customer requests otherwise. The deputy will issue your registration card, stickers and provide you with a permit which will allow you to operate your vehicle while your plates are being manufactured.


Cost These plates cost an additional $25.00 annually plus the normal registration fee. The fee is determined by Ohio Revised Code section 4503.40.
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