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Acceptable Documents

Driver License Rules & Regulations Ohio Administrative Code Section 4501:1-1-19, 21, 22
In order to obtain any Ohio Temporary Instruction Permit Card (TIPIC), Driver License, Commercial Driver License, State of Ohio Identification (ID) card, Motorcycle, Moped license, the customer must present documents to prove all of the following five elements:
  • (1) Legal first name, middle name, OR middle initial, and current last name
  • (2) Date of birth
  • (3) Social Security Number (SSN), if ever assigned
  • (4) U.S. citizenship OR U.S. legal presence
  • (5) Resident street address in Ohio.

To obtain a duplicate of any of the above, the applicant must sign a statement that the original was lost or stolen, present one primary OR one secondary document, match the photograph on file and all five elements in the BMV system.
If any of the five elements do not match the BMV system, the applicant must present an acceptable document to prove the mismatched element.

An Ohio TIPIC, driver license, CDL, ID card, motorcycle or moped license either current or expired for less than six months is sufficient proof of all elements for any BMV transaction (including co-signers) and no further proof is necessary.
Only original documents or a copy bearing an original certification by the issuing authority are acceptable.
Uncertified copies or copies of certified documents are not acceptable.

Failure to provide two acceptable identification documents and proof of residency in Ohio shall result in the denial of the application.

The applicant's full legal name shall consist of the applicant's current first (given) name, middle name or middle initial, and last name (surname).
If the primary and secondary documents presented do not establish the applicant's full legal name, or the names on the documents are inconsistent, the applicant shall present additional documents to establish the full legal name to the satisfaction of the registrar or deputy registrar.
The following documents shall be acceptable for this purpose: a marriage certificate or marriage license; a certified copy of a decree of divorce, dissolution, or annulment of marriage; or a certified copy of a court ordered name change.

Fees are subject to change.
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